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Flexible system for video analysis of players' performance during matches or training process.

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Hockey Analysis

The primary task of Hockey Analysis software is to provide tactical and technical situations feedback for coaches, teams or players.

Theory and practice of ice hockey are at this time not able to do without the latest technology for match processing and analysis. Computer analysis of the video recordings provides the important information value as well as information about the physical performance of the player, the opponent, laboratory data, kinesiological analysis or the potential of the team and so on.

Rational orientation in the amount of information concerning the match analysis is difficult and time consuming. The video analysis software Hockey Analysis provides a useful tool for players and coach and helps them to save their time.

In preparing for the match video analysis helps demonstrate gaming rival organization, identify threatening situations, determine habits and patterns, analyze individualities, encourage your own skills. In the training area it allows the identification details of kinesiology and progressions clarify errors, provide positive feedback and imitate the best technique.


Sports Analysis technology already allows you to select important moments during a game, contributing to the efficiency and speed of analysis, final presentation can be ready in just few minutes after a game giving the coach advantage over other teams. It is the optimal solution for each hockey club.

  • Quick availability of video analysis only few minutes after the game
  • Access to archived games or game situations
  • Allows tracking variable game situations (user defined)
  • Easy presentation step by step control
  • Quick action selection, categorization of marks
  • Coaches notes
  • Offline analysis, work with DVD or any video file
  • Possibility of drawing directly to video, whiteboard replacement
  • Export actions to short videos for future use
  • Create complex playlists and prepare for presentations

Tracking game situations

Coaches can define many different actions to tracking during the game. Here is a list of most uses actions.

  • Faceoffs (individual winning/losing)
  • Passess
  • Shots
  • Chances
  • Goals
  • Goalies saves, plays
  • Break outs
  • Defensive/neutral/offensive zone play
  • Dumpins
  • Forecheck/backcheck
  • Turn overs
  • Giveaways
  • Penalties
  • Power plays(break outs, set ups)
  • Shorthanded play
  • Mistakes in the system
  • Any other user desired parts of the game

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