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Pēteris Groms

  • Dinamo Riga and Latvia national ice hockey video analysist

I started to use Hockey Analysis almost 9 years ago. It was something new in KHL. Rare were teams filming games at all. I think program was one of the reason why our team where so competitive and played many years in the KHL play-offs. Nowadays there is no more team without at least somebody working with video program.
Program is helping. There is no more “old school” hockey. It is competetive high level pro game, meaning anything can help. Program helps to see game from different angles, letting coaches see and find better solution for their ideas. It also helps players, showing them good and bad moments. There is no problem to use program during the practises, too. I was doing that while being video coach for National Team. Coaches could see their system work or not already during practise’s pauses while zamboni was cleaning ice thus giving the possiblity to change something if needed already during practise. Or even show players what they are doing right or wrong.
Of course there are many programs for ice hockey analysis. But why i stucked with Hockey Analysis? Well, first and main thing is support, which is coming direct from program author himself. I hear many complaints about other program’s upgrades and they lack of possibilities to change anything in the program. Here i can get support 24/7. I had problems with computer, needed to use other PC for a short while – no problem, Patrik gave 1 moth license code. Within 10 minutes. You have ideas how to improve something in the program for you – no problem. Couple of them Patrik solved within 1 hour.
I recommend this program, because it offers up to date innovations and support like you would be a family!

Maroš Krajči

  • General Manager of HC SLOVAN Bratislava

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Patrik Michnáč – the author of the Hockey Analysis program – for lots of accurate and instant information that this program gives us and thus moves our club closer to the top professional clubs in Europe.

Jaroslav Laifer

  • Ice Hockey Manager

The Hockey Ice Time program fits into a collection of excellent programs developed by Patrik Michnáč that make the work of ice hockey managers easier, as does the Club’s Manager program by providing complete records of data about club’s players, tests and training units of coaches... Keep it up.

Mgr. Jozef Čepan

  • Head coach of Slovak national team U18

By analyzing the matches and training units we were looking for an efficient way of evaluation and better communication with the players in determining the match tactics (SHRH) and strategies for the opponents for which we used the video analysis. During this work I relied on the idiom that it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times ... I think this is a good and useful method for the analysis and improves better communication between the coach and the player. It proved itself worth in tournaments and I believe that it will also be a useful tool for the World Cup in Russia 2008. I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Michnáč for his help with preparation of video analysis and analyzing of sections and parts of the game.

Ladislav Spišiak

  • Head coach of MHC Mountfield hockey club

In terms of monitoring the matches, the Video coach's Office has the enormous importance for the coaches and even the players themselves. Right after the match the coach can use the fully edited recording of the match in terms of his and opponent's team. The next morning, the coach can not only immediately react on the preparation of trainings and eliminate the tactical errors performed in the system of his team, but also in the play off matches he can immediately react to a change of the opponents game, or completely read the weaknesses of his game system. The program will enable the coach who analysis the match by the form of video analysis to save a lot of time and as a result of this he can better prepare for the training unit and the match itself. During analysis, he can also quickly and accurately respond, either in small groups or in a group of five and enhance his or his opponent’s game system. Most importantly for the players, this analysis is not time-consuming as it was in the old times when it was necessary to watch the entire DVD or videotape. The player is not tired by long rewinding and does not lose his attention. In this system the coach reacts quickly and flexibly, it is interesting for the player who sometimes responds in a negative way about his performance, this way was not usual in the past.

Vladimír Moravčík

  • Videocoach of MHC Martin hockey club

As a young video-analyst I am using the software Hockey Analysis for Slovak hockey league club. Among other things, I was asked by Mr. Jozef Duris the coach of the Slovak ball hockey national team to try this software and apply it in the conditions of ball (street) hockey. I attended two meetings with the Slovak ball hockey national team , this also included international matches in which was used for analyzing the software Hockey Analysis. During this pre-season and subsequent video analysis with the realization team and with the players, I noticed that mere viewing and analyzing of each selected game situations brought positive reflection in the next matches. Players were avoiding presented mistakes in their performance. As a result of this, the game situations were managed and realized better than before analysis. From players I received many positive responses, for which the main characteristics was that they saw their own game performance by exactly specified game activities such as face-offs - won, lost, defensive play, power play, offensive play and others. What was evaluated very positively not only by the players but also by the particular head coach was the possibility to choose the specific game situations, the possibility of their immediate rewinding, continuous switching from situation to situation, slowing down and zooming of each game situations. However the huge potential of the software is mainly in the possibility that there is no need to wait for rewinding and also for manually difficult search of particular situations. Fantastic experience for me was the performance of the Slovak ball hockey national team at the Ball Hockey World Championship in 2013 in Canada, where Slovakia finished on the first place and became the world champion. For me as a young and basically inexperienced analyst was amazing to see the great improvement in the game from match to match and from one analysis to another. It was interesting to watch how the players grew and improved their game performance and without problems managed game situations and avoid the analyzed mistakes. The result was incredible for me. In the final match with the Czech Republic all the players fulfilled all instructions and guidance from coach who had used the video analysis before the match. This was the main reason which earned them the title of the world champions in 2013. But also in this case the software Hockey Analysis can provide a great help and advice, but it must be used on 100%, to work with it and use it constantly in trainings and preparation processes. Last but not least the Hockey Analysis software brings the desired results only by proactive and consistent approach of both the analyst and the coach, as well as players themselves. I think this is the direction in which should move the theoretical education in Slovakia and especially in the area of youth hockey.

Mgr. Norbert Javorčík

  • Head coach of Slovak national team U20

I have been using the Hockey Analysis software for match and training analysis for the second season as a club coach or even for the needs of the national team. I evaluate the software very positive especially for the possibility to work with it in on-line or off-line mode. Hockey Analysis software is user friendly (I mastered the operation after about two hours of training). Hockey Analysis provides adequate scope for detailed analysis according to user’s consideration and enables him to arrange marked parts of the game by relevance. Presentation of the match or training is thanks to the filter and added hardware fast and transparent. I used this software on every day basis on the World Championship 20 in Malmo. Thanks to Hockey Analysis software we had immediately available the clear and time-appropriate presentation of our tactical plan and also of the opponent\'s team.

Mgr. Bc. Zdeňek Pavlas

  • Coach of Czech national team U17

I use the Hockey Analysis when traveling with the Czech national team U17. The software is universal and that is why I like to work with it so much. In situations where it is not possible to carry a laptop, I can use the software of the third-parties and import and process the symbols in this software. Therefore I lose no time by the processing of video off-line. Due to continuous development and compatibility it is my wish to continue to use this software.

Mgr. Bc. Tomáš Pšenka

  • Head coach of Slovak national team U16

We use video analysis not only during the work at the club level, but also during the international matches of Slovak national team U16 and also in previous seasons with the Slovak national women team U18. It provides us with detailed analysis of game performance of our players, but also for the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent’s game. Working with the software is easy. Coach is able to focus during the work with the software on the essential details of the situations that are for him and his team important. The big advantage is the clear filtering of individual situations, which coaches appreciate during the busy training and game schedule. I recommend this software to my colleagues from training practice. This software is a useful and necessary tool for every coach who wants to improve the achievements and results of his team forward.

Mgr. Bc. Zdeňek Pavlas

  • Videocoach of Karlove Vary hockey club

We bought the Hockey Analysis software to improve the work with video in our conditions and we did not know what to expect from it. At the very beginning we had discovered that the using of the software is very easy as well as the transfer of symbols between different computers. In addition, during testing period and subsequent live operation the software proved that it can handle multiple kinds of video formats, which proved to be a big advantage over the competition. Another advantage of it, is the approach of programmer who fulfilled our requirements in time or even before deadline. Because of price and quality we do not expect that in the future we will change it for another software.

Mgr. Aleš Vladyka

  • Videocoach of Bílí Tygři Liberec hockey club

We obtained the Hockey Analysis software because of the need to improve the work of coaches with video analysis. Any other software failed to meet our requirements. We needed to have all the videos and symbols stored on the central disk storage so that it would be possible to work with them on multiple computers at once. Only this software could meet our requirements. The second thing that we needed was to improve the function of off-line marking (e.g. NHL games) and in this case the software had proven other essential benefits, such as fast-motion playback and associated issues. The software is very useful tool for our work and we wish that the further development of it will continue in the future.