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Brief overview of the Hockey Analysis software

My name is Patrik Michnac and I am software engineer and author of Hockey Analysis software. I am also a hockey coach. I have been using this software for more than twelve years. What I’d like to do is give you a brief overview of the Hockey Analysis software. One of my goals for the basic overview is to be able to assist users or potential users of Hockey Analysis in getting started and trouble-shooting issues that might arise. The first thing I would like to do is show you the main features of the Hockey Analysis software. I’d also like to show you main logic and main areas of Hockey Analysis software. I will talk more about how to get started using Hockey Analysis and its many features and functions during the video presentation.

Why? Hockey Analysis is a complex software and you will need to know how it basically works. It will save you time and give you an idea of how it works. We can make a short skype call and I can share my screen to show you Hockey Analysing in short video presentation. The objective of the short overview is for you to better understand the main philosophy of Hockey Analysis software. The training is divided into main segment which give you a clear concept of Hockey Analysis step by step.

I will go through the process of doing analyzing from video recording to presentation. I can also give you basic information about the hardware and all other information you will need. There are some common areas where people encounter difficulty when using the Hockey Analysis, and I’ll give you some helpful hints and troubleshooting tips for you. I will also review the advanced features of the Hockey Analysis which can we very usefull for you and your team.

I am here to answer all of your questions. If you have further questions don\'t hesitate to write to me.

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