# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

## [] - 2020-09-01
### Added
- (Recorder) New button "Reload Video Devices" to refresh avaiable video sources. Now it works also with native Black Magic Devices like UltraStudio Mini Recorder
- (Presentation) Filter form now remember and restore last state of checkbox Filter Actions and Fileter Players
- (Reencoding) New informational text showing numbers of error during writing process to new file
### Fixed
- (Reencoding) Fixed problem with different audio chanels when reencoding videos from diferent surces
### Removed

## [] - 2020-09-01
### Added
- (Recorder) New button "Reload Video Devices" to refresh avaiable video sources. It works with H.264 Pro Recorder. It does not work with native Black Magic Devices like UltraStudio Mini Recorder
- When Actions.xml, Subaction1-20.xml or Hotkeys.xml files are corrupted, than wrong files are renamed to .error and new XML files are created automatically
- When XML\TeamsRoster\TeamRoster.xml file is corrupted, than wrong file is renamed to .error and new XML file is created automatically
- All Subactions0-20.xml files was moved to XML\Subactions\ folder 
- (Action Creator) New Team roster layout, bigger players buttons and bigger font for better reading and using with touch screens
- (Action Creator) Bigger subactions buttons and bigger font for better reading and using with touch screens
- - New directory data\backup\ is used for all opened games or playlists. Every opened xml file is copying first to backup directorie with prefix YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS. This allow user to go back and fine all changes if something went wrong. All files in backup directorie are automatically deleted when older than 7 days.
- New document with program Shortcut Keys (\Utility\ListOfHockeyAnalysisShortcutKeys.pdf)
### Fixed
- (Presentation) Moving frame by frame does not work correctly when NVIDIA GPU Decoding is ON
- Small bugs fixed
### Removed
- There is no more 35 players in roster. There is 25 players in each Team roster.

## [] - 2020-08-19
### Added
- (Action Creator) Save Video Live source device is stored in application settings and restore automatically.	
- (Action Creator) Predefined video and audio recomended codec, bitrate and GOP for best recording result.
- (Action Creator) Preview recording screen has now lower quality to keep performance for recording.
- (Action Creator) Sound indicator is now independent from recording to keep highest recording performance. 
- (Action Creator) Update statistic counter was changed from miliseconds to times per seconds (it can be set from 1 time per second to 10 times per second). It shows live device statistic and recording statistic and also sound meter indicator and it is independent from recording to keep recording performance.
- All settings for BlackMagic H.264 ProRecorder is now stored locally in \DLLs\Local.Config.xml
### Fixed
- (Action Creator) Updated DLL for BlackMagic H.264 ProRecorder
### Removed
- There is no more registry setting for H.264 ProRecorder after installation.

## [] - 2020-08-11
### Added
- (Action Creator) You can click on column header in action grid and choose columns. Than you can save grid layout. It will be restored automatically.	
### Fixed
- (Presentation) Drawing form does not reopen after closing. (HotKey for open/close - CTRL+G)
- Navigation menu items cuts button text if text is too long.

## [] - 2020-08-07
### Added
- There is a new field mX as uniq identificator for each action. It is mandatory to keep each action as uniq just to avoid problems when copying action to different playlists.
- You can set transparent 32bit PNG image as your personal club's logo. This logo will be visible on main starting for on right bottom corner. Ideal size for PNG image is 600x300px. But if you have image like square, than image will be adjusted to be fit on right bottom corner.
### Changed
- (Presentation) All stops marks and drawing in each action are stored inside XML file with actions. It means that you can save action as new playlist, copy to another playlist and all related stops and drawing are copied also.
- (Presentation) In drawing form, there is a transparency slider. It's last value is saved and restored automatically for solid objects like circle, triangle and rectangle.
### Removed
- (Presentation) Removed option to select own name for exported JPG or PNG snap shot images. Name of images are created automatically.